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product problem

It only has a simple Internet function, no voice and text messaging functions.

Coverage and operator information vary in different countries. You can check it on the official website or contact customer service.

It is suitable for terminals that support OTA standards and can be used by most mobile phones. Only a few old mobile phones do not support it.

Cards purchased from the official website or through channels must be activated within 180 days from the date of purchase, otherwise the package in the card will automatically expire.

After arriving at the destination, turn off the phone, insert the Internet SIM card and turn it on. After waiting for a few minutes, the phone will automatically select the network (manual settings are not required under normal circumstances).

  1.  The Internet SIM card mode is defaulted to automatic mode. Users only need to insert the card into the mobile phone after arriving at the destination and it will be automatically activated.
  2. By default, the Internet SIM card does not need to be manually set. As long as the user turns on the Internet function after arriving at the destination, it will automatically turn on (turn on the data switch and roaming switch).

One day is defined as the period from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 Taiwan time, and the first day after inserting the card is 23:59:59 on the same day. For example: insert the card and start surfing the Internet at 19:30:40 on the day you arrive in Japan. The second day will be after 22:59:59 local time in Japan (Japan is 1 hour faster than Taiwan, and Taiwan time is used as the calculation standard).

iPlus network cards are divided into two types: speed-limited, no-traffic-limited and traffic-limited products. There is no speed limit or traffic limit. There is a fixed high-speed traffic every day. After use, subject to the principle of fair use policy, the Internet speed will be limited (about 256kbps). High-speed Internet access will be restored at 12:00 pm Taiwan time.

Note: The card complies with the Fair Usage Principle (FUP) of network communications. In order to maintain the quality of network connections and the principle of fair use, telecommunications companies around the world will implement traffic control for users who use a large amount of network traffic in a short period of time, which may cause Unable to access the Internet or the Internet speed is slow.

If you travel from country A to country B within 24 hours after turning on the Internet, if the country is covered by the package, you can continue to use it; if the country is not covered by the package, you will not be able to access the Internet.

Set up APN manually

  1. Open [Settings] > [Mobile Services]
  2. Click [Mobile Data Options]
  3. Turn on [Data Roaming]
  1. Open [Settings] > [Connections]
  2. Click [Mobile Network]
  3. Turn on [Data Roaming]  (due to different mobile phones and system versions, the display name and steps will be slightly different)

Unable to access the Internet problem

Please be sure to place the SIM card in “Card Slot 1” and clear “Card Slot 2” to avoid being unable to open the card smoothly.

If the user goes to a place that is not temporarily covered by the network card, he or she will not be able to access the Internet.

The network card supports hotspot sharing with other mobile phones, but in hotspot mode, the user’s network speed will be lower than without sharing, and the daily high-speed traffic will be consumed faster, resulting in subsequent inability to access the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended to use one machine One card.

Since the Internet SIM card is a three-in-one card, if you use excessive force or improper force when removing the SIM card from the card board, the SIM card may be damaged artificially. If the phone prompts that there is no SIM card after inserting the card, please do the following first:

  1. After reinserting the card, restart the computer.
  2. Change to another mobile phone and test to confirm whether the problem still exists.
  3. After trying the above two methods, the SIM card still cannot be recognized. The SIM card may be damaged. Please contact customer service for confirmation.

No service on the mobile phone means that after inserting the SIM card into the mobile phone, it prompts that there is no service (unless the SIM card cannot be detected, it shows that there is no SIM card). Please follow the steps below:

  1. Please set it manually first and then select the network. Check which operators appear on the network interface and select the appropriate operator.
  2. If the operator option does not appear on your phone, please confirm the coverage in your location or change the phone to test.
  3. If the user still gets the message that there is no service after changing locations or mobile phones, please contact customer service first.

The possible reasons and preliminary measures are as follows:

  1. The data roaming switch and data access are not turned on.
  2. The APN setting is incorrect and needs to be corrected manually if the error occurs.
  3. Users of dual-SIM mobile phones insert the card into the unopened card slot.
  4. If none of the above problems can be solved, please contact customer service first.

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